GPS Mapping

SAMCO uses the latest technology in GPS/GIS mapping services. The SAMCO mapping team creates and maintains detailed water utilities management maps to meet client needs.

GIS/GPS Services

A geographic information system (GIS) is a technological tool for comprehending geography and making intelligent decisions about your facility or water system. A good GIS program includes geographic data from a variety of sources that can be integrated into a map project through a facilities survey. An abundance of geographic data is available for multivariate analysis, and governments often make GIS datasets publicly available. Some data is gathered in the field by global positioning units that attach a location coordinate (latitude and longitude) to a feature such as a meter and fire hydrant.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has significantly changed the way GIS users collect and manage geographic data. The high accuracy of GPS provides allows GIS professionals to store and manage data in new ways. GIS now supports a double precision database, and new methods have been developed that improve the spatial quality of existing data. GPS provides a key component, yet there are many considerations when using GPS to obtain and understand accurate positions.

Using advanced, high-resolution equipment SAMCO technicians can pinpoint exact physical locations of water system leaks they discover. Our team can also map the exact locations of other features such as meters, valves, fire hydrants, blow offs, inter-connections, manholes, junction boxes, inlets, etc. Because these GIS data points can be captured while SAMCO crews are already in the field investigating water loss, the benefits of harvesting GIS data points can be achieved cost-effectively at modest additional cost.

SAMCO will generate GPS data on the location of each discovered leak to sub-30 centimeter accuracy. At your request, this service may be extended to include other system features such as meters, valves, fire hydrants or flushing valves, blowoffs, manholes, etc.

Mapping Services

SAMCO now has the in-house capabilities of using collected data points to develop system maps. The obvious benefits of updated maps are to improve the efficiency of system operations as well as compliance with regulatory agency requirements. Maps can also be used as a management tool which provides use, condition, and budgeting documentation to be used for facility planning and addressing deferred maintenance.