Leak Detection Survey

Comprehensive Acoustic Leak Survey

As the industry leader, SAMCO understands the value of our water resources and the challenges every utility system faces with water loss from their aging infrastructure and the resulting loss in revenue. We also understand that a certain amount of our treated water cannot be accounted for, but without careful accounting and evaluation the nature or extent of these losses cannot be defined. As such, SAMCO has the expertise to conduct a thorough water audit of your system, utilizing the “water balance” approach, to identify the various revenue and non-revenue uses within the system as well as the apparent and real losses of water from the system.

We recognize that minimizing water loss is a very important strategy for water providers and we believe water loss control is one of the most cost effective strategies available today. Water loss control saves water, reduces operational costs and can improve the financial bottom line by netting uncaptured revenue and lowering production costs. Through the use of high-tech acoustic and global positioning equipment, SAMCO performs all aspects of leak detection in water distribution systems, ranging in size from small utility systems, medium to large municipalities, rural water systems, military bases and even remote islands.

SAMCO’s experienced technicians sound on water system access points to identify points where water is escaping from the system. The leak report also includes findings where water flows through meters, but is not being registered.