GPS/GIS Mapping

Simplifying the GIS and GPS data collection and mapping process

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) uses computers and software to capture, analyze and present spatial information. Everything in your water distribution system has information that is based off a physical location, i.e. meters with billing information, valves, fire hydrants, well site, storage tanks, etc. GIS allows you to combine all of your spreadsheets and data with a physical point on a map. With change in personnel and outdated maps, it is extremely important to have up-to-date accurate maps.

Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §290.46 – “requires that all public water systems maintain an accurate and up-to-date map of their distribution system”

GPS data collection

To have a valuable GIS, you need accurate data. SAMCO will survey your entire water distribution system using state-of-the-art GPS equipment. With sub-meter accuracy, SAMCO will locate and GPS the following:

  • Meters
  • Valves
  • Fire hydrants
  • Well sites
  • Storage tanks
  • Sample sites
  • Distribution mains

We will work with you to create a data dictionary and determine what information is needed with each asset collected.

GIS mapping

Once you have all of your assets located with accurate GPS points, you are now ready to implement GIS. SAMCO takes all of the points and data collected during the survey and creates custom maps to fit your specific needs. SAMCO provides you with all of the data, as well as GIS software to allow for your own, in-house GIS capabilities both in the office and the field.

SAMCO GIS maps meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards.

Benefits of using GIS

There are many benefits to having up-to-date maps and in-house GIS capabilities, including:

  • All data and maps are stored in GIS, so they cannot be lost.
  • Easy to use mobile apps for field work—no more paper maps.
  • A management tool which provides use, condition and budgeting documentation to be used for facility planning and addressing deferred maintenance.
  • Improves overall efficiency.


SAMCO offers personalized training for employees to train them on GPS data collection and GIS practices so you will have the ability to run an efficient GIS system in-house.