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As Texas begins to re-open in the wake of COVID-19, SAMCO Leak Detection continues to look for new ways to better serve our clients. SAMCO recognizes that the water industry is constantly operating 24/7 and minimizing water loss due to aging infrastructure, continues to be your top priority.

To support our clients during this financially trying time, SAMCO is now offering a new financial assistance opportunity. If your organization request information on water loss and leak detection support but are concerned about the immediate cost of services, please reach out to us today so we can discuss finance options that will best fit your organization’s needs.

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Take steps to ensure your water systems is operating at peak efficiency

Identifying and fixing leaks is best practice

Leak detection surveys and other strategies that minimize water loss can help your utility’s bottom line. SAMCO offers your system the following services to reduce your water losses and enhance your water revenues:

  • Comprehensive Acoustic Leak Survey
    SAMCO’s experienced technicians will listen on physical water distribution access points to identify where water is escaping from the system. The leak report will be categorized by the type of leaks located throughout the system and include a corresponding leak identification map.


  • Meter Evaluation Option
    In addition to the leak detection survey, SAMCO will report meters found to have unregistered flows. This option can provide for physical inspections of those larger meters that are subject to measuring errors due to improper sizing, type selection and installation. This option may be further extended to include accuracy testing of meters in place where it is practical to do so.


  • Investigation of Unbilled Water Service
    In addition to the existence of unmetered service connections that may be disclosed during the course of the leak survey, the scope of services may be extended to include a search for users that are metered but for various reasons are not being billed.


  • GIS/GPS Mapping
    SAMCO will generate GPS data on the location of each discovered leak to sub-meter accuracy. At your option, this service may be extended to include asset management of system features such as meters, valves, fire hydrants, flush valves, pressure reducing valves, sample sites, etc. If you have not had your water system evaluated recently or if you do
    not have accurate maps, you can count on SAMCO Leak Detection and Mapping Services to give proper and critical attention to your water distribution system.

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SAMCO uncovers significant hidden leak reports Hill Country Newspaper

SAMCO in the news…

One of the most important things to all of us is water; as a noun it is used to quench our thirst or as verb it will provide nourishment for the landscape and livestock. In either case it needs to get from the source to the last stage, most often through pipes.

This was the need that was addressed at the last city council meeting in January; the effective and efficient use of water pipes. Over a decade ago the city water system had a significant loss of water. This unaccounted for loss from the water system was the difference in production and the total accumulation of metered usage. 

The city then hired SAMCO Leak Detection out of Austin to conduct an audit of the water system. As a result a significant leak was found along Main Street near the Cibolo Creek. By using specialized listening equipment a leak below the water line of the creek the leak that was not visible was identified.

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New Water Consultant Partnerships Announced


SAMCO has formed partnerships with water consultants to provide additional services to Texas communities. The partnerships with Texas Drinking Water Solutions and Elston Johnson and Associates allow for additional planning, reporting, regulatory compliance and project financing capabilities beyond the leak detection and field services normally completed by SAMCO.

James Beauchamp of Texas Drinking Water Solutions is recently retired from TCEQ where he served as a Special Assistant to the Drinking Water Standards Section. This experience coupled with his time investigating and supporting public water systems contributes to his expertise in regulatory compliance assistance, as well as GIS and distribution mapping.

Elston Johnson of Elston Johnson and Associates (EJA) has worked with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  He has over 20 years of experience with water system regulatory compliance, permitting, and policy and regulation development. Also with EJA is Barb Johnson. Barb holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership and has more than 20 years of experience in leadership development, team effectiveness, organizational culture and strategic foresight.  She understands the need to develop a strong people strategy to support the business aims of Financial Sustainability, Quality and Accessibility.

Services offered through this partnership include preparation of, or assistance with:

Compliance/Technical Requirements

  • Water Loss Audit
  • Water Use Survey
  • Drought Contingency Plan
  • Sample Siting Plan
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Consumer Confidence Report
  • 85% Report- Capacity Report
  • Alternative Capacity Requirement Analysis and Submission
  • Exception Requests
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Environmental Permit / Compliance
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Engineering Design Plan
  • Record Drawings

Funding Assistance

  • Funding Information and Sources
  • Funding Applications
  • Public Outreach/Education

Leak Detection/Field Services

  • Leak Detection
  • Leak Repair
  • Flow Recording/Monitoring
  • Manhole Inspection
  • GIS Assets / Leaks
  • Well Meter Calibrations
  • Updated Distribution Maps

Strategic Leadership

  • Strategic Foresight
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness / Teambuilding
  • Organizational Development
  • Operations Training

If you have interest in learning more about the expanded services that SAMCO is now offering, please contact Sam Godfrey at the TCEQ Public Drinking Water Conference or give him a call.

The Leak Whisperer

All about the Infrastructure

Winter allows utilities to assess water systems


We’ve been through it all in 2015: drought, floods, flash drought. You know that the push-and-pull of moisture in the ground could wreak havoc on your infrastructure. To prepare for whatever is coming next year – Texas is a dry state, after all – it’s critical to be proactive in assessing your system so that you can efficiently use the water supplies you do have.

One important piece of that puzzle is making sure your water infrastructure is in good working condition.

Regular analysis of your water system can help reduce water losses by locating physical leakage, confirming water meters are in good working order, and avoiding expensive repairs to roads, sidewalks, and buildings caused by leaking water.

Not only will these steps save precious water when demand peaks next summer, they also save money, and help water systems meet the requirements for state drought plans and collect data to make vital maintenance, budget, and management decisions.

State funding can help pay for repair

Several well-stocked state funds are available to help a utility repair its leaking infrastructure. Here’s a brief list:

  • The Texas Water Development Fund
  • The Water Infrastructure Fund
  • The Rural Water Assistance Fund
  • The Agricultural Water Conservation Grant and Loan Program
  • The Economically Distressed Areas Program

For more information, contact the Texas Water Development Board at 512-563-
4841 or click here.

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