SAMCO  provides services to the commercial sector, including high-tech industry, school districts and  colleges, multi-family complexes, and other commercial and investment properties. With the rising costs of water and energy, unknown water leaks and other infrastructure issues can result in significant and unnecessary additional costs for the property owner and occupant.

SAMCO can help you reduce your water losses, thereby reducing the costs to operate your system. As a property manager or investor, you need to control your budget and cash flow, which can be significantly impacted by variable expenses like utility bills. Unfortunately, you often can’t control your occupants water consumption.  In tiered rate structures that now are quite common, when the volume of water used exceeds the water allocation or threshold, water bills increase dramatically. As part of a preventive maintenance program, leak surveys can be of great value in reducing costs not only due to leaks but also to losses by theft of service.  Leak detection and preventive maintenance can help reduce the costs of hidden issues.

SAMCO’s troubleshooting and preventive maintenance services can help keep your costs down and your budget on track, conserving water in the process. With today’s emphasis on green building practices and policies, leak remediation and prevention is another valuable tool in the conservation toolbox.