Large-scale seawater desalination facilities are becoming more common around the globe, especially in areas with scarce fresh water supplies, like the Caribbean, the Middle East, North Africa, China, and India.

SAMCO’s work in St. Maarten and St. Croix was vital to the success of identifying water loss issues and reducing unnecessary costs in lost water from desalination efforts. A new water plant may be a state-of-the-art facility, but the fact remains that its precious product must travel through infrastructure to reach water consumers.

SAMCO’s Leak Detection and Water System Evaluation can help reduce costs even before these facilities start producing water. Locating leaks and and water loss issues in aging infrastructures prior to production will allow time to solve costly problems and eliminate the waste of a liquid asset.

SAMCO provides cost effective leak detection – preventive maintenance services to significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of water distribution systems.