Public Water Systems

What can SAMCO do to conserve your water and reduce your costs?

The SAMCO Leak Detection Program and System Evaluation can rein in water loss, thereby reducing the costs of treatment chemicals, electrical usage for pumping, water purchases and ground-water withdrawal fees where applicable.

Every drop has a price…

and the dollars add up quickly over time. Water leaks cause damage to roads, sidewalks, buildings and infrastructure due to underground erosion. Much of our present  infrastructure was installed during a past expansion boom, when construction standards and materials were compromised in the interest of speed and productivity.

That haste, makes waste…

and your public water sully system is left mopping up the mess from water leaks, meter problems, faulty valves, hydrants, and water theft.

SAMCO Leak Detection Services provides experienced crews who are highly motivated to systematically pinpoint locations where water is leaking from your system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our System Assessment Data and real time GPS leak plotting gives your team the data so you can take corrective action with optimal results.

Call SAMCO today to reduce costs, conserve water and assure affordable water.