How do you locate leaks?

  • SAMCO uses acoustic equipment to listen to all service connections, valves, fire hydrants or any exposed section of the water system.
  • We physically walk the entire leak survey area and inspect for leaks or water loss problems.
  • We perform a chlorine test on water that we find on the surface that appears to be a leak in order to determine its source.

How do you know when you hear a leak?

  • Our equipment enables us to listen for specific sounds caused by leaks or pressure differentials.
  • Our years of experience help us identify the causes of the sounds we hear.

How do you charge for your services?

  • The cost of SAMCO services is based on the type of leak service required.

What are the types of services that you provide?

  • We offer full, partial and emergency surveys and water conservation consulting.
  • Water auditing
  • Meter testing

What are your basic fees for leak detection?

  • Leak surveys are usually based on a “per linear mile” fee with a “not to exceed” amount.
  • The “per linear mile” cost is determined by the number of services, valves, fire hydrants, etc. located in the mile to be surveyed.
  • Emergency and partial leak surveys are usually based on a lump sum.

How long does it take to survey a mile of water line?

  • The time required for a survey depends on whether the water system is residential or rural.
  • Surveying a mile of pipe in a residential system usually requires a team of two technicians about an hour.
  • A one mile survey in a rural type system can be completed much faster, though the time required will be affected by the type of terrain, the weather (especially summer heat) and any problems identified during the survey.
  • Regardless of the type of the system, a large number of leaks and water loss problems will add time, as they require the technicians to stop and analyze the situation.

What type of results have you helped your clients achieve?

  • SAMCO services have reduced a water system’s monthly water pumping by as much as 50 percent.
  • One leak survey identified a water loss of 20 million gallons per month. Another identified a loss of 13 million gallons per month.
  • SAMCO can provide a list of previous leak project reports and references for your review.

What are the steps in getting Samco to check my system for leaks?

  • First you complete a leak detection application and return it to SAMCO with a map of the area you need surveyed.
  • SAMCO will schedule a meeting with you and your staff. At that meeting, we will visually estimate your water system in order to prepare a cost of services proposal.