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SAMCO assists Customers with water pipeline inspections for new water transmission line construction projects or maintenance-related water distribution issues. SAMCO utilizes sophisticated correlating equipment, methodically, throughout the length of the area of concern to ensure the transmission lines pass the proper pressure tests.

The equipment SAMCO assembles during the project is designed to be non-invasive, non-destructive correlating technology that communicates constant processing speeds acoustically between sensors to pinpoint and identify pressure differentials that highlight key areas of concern which otherwise would keep a new line from passing its pressure inspection or become a larger water distribution issue.

SAMCO’s services provide real-time data from a powerful and accurate correlator designed specifically to help identify leaks on smaller water distribution lines and much more effective on metallic, larger-diameter transmission water pipes. “This correlator is currently the most advanced correlator in the industry.” En.gutermann-water.com

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