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SAMCO has introduced advanced drone technology into our professional methods of water conservation. SAMCO’s new approach to identifying leaks is utilizing the latest drone technologies that bring a different view of how SAMCO can help save water distribution systems water. SAMCO will take to the skies to assist with your nagging water loss problems. SAMCO’s drone equipment can provide immediate thermal, infrared surveying capabilities that collect data from the air. This gives an effective perspective in understanding where leaks originate from, spanning from various and remote locations throughout the distribution system. Implementing a high-resolution aerial view combined with SAMCO’s effective boots-on-the-ground approach enables SAMCO to narrow down the areas of concern with more efficiency than ever.
With the addition of drone technology, SAMCO can collect data at sub-centimeter accuracy with the GNSS module capabilities and create cutting-edge mapping services that can include sophisticated 3D models of the water system and asset deliverables.

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