SAMCO serves water utilities clients in Texas.

If you are looking for a professional grade leak detection and GIS service that has the experience to deliver proven results, then you have come to the right place.

Since 1985, SAMCO has applied the skills and techniques needed to deliver high-value services to water utilities clients.

People in the water business know just how precious water is. Millions of dollars are invested in our water production, treatment and distribution facilities. Leakage of water escaping from our systems is “money down the drain” that can never be recovered. SAMCO can improve the efficiency and reliability of your system.  Our hands-on, in-the-field approach will locate your known and hidden water pipeline leaks now, so they won’t grow into bigger problems for you in the future.

What can SAMCO do for you?

Although water production and distributions systems have much in common, each system presents its own specific set of conditions, circumstances and issues. Therefore, applying “cookie-cutter” solutions to systemic issues often can result in a significant waste of time and resources.

Knowing where your water distribution and assets lie is an absolute necessity for running an efficient water system. Many systems have outdated, hard to read maps, if any at all. That’s why SAMCO now offers GPS/GIS mapping services.

By surveying the entire water distribution system, SAMCO will GPS collect data points for every asset in your system. These points will be used to build an accurate map and GIS system. We help build a GIS system and give you in-house capabilities to empower you to perform your own tasks. Our field applications and office programs containing accurate data and maps will allow your water utility company to run more efficiently.

SAMCO improves the efficiency and integrity of water systems for a variety of clients.

By engaging SAMCO, you can be assured that you’ll receive the specific, actionable data you need to improve the efficiency and integrity of your system. With the information generated by our leak survey of your system, you can:

  • Extend the useful life of the infrastructure.
  • Be better prepared to meet water demand during drought conditions.
  • Improve year-round reliability and efficiency of your system.
  • Reduce costs associated with water production, treatment and distribution.
  • Improve customer service and public relations.
  • Help safeguard public health.
  • Reduce liability risks.
  • Be informed of latent, hidden issues which otherwise may remain unknown.