SAMCO uncovers significant hidden leak reports Hill Country Newspaper

by | Jul 3, 2018 | News

SAMCO in the news…

One of the most important things to all of us is water; as a noun it is used to quench our thirst or as verb it will provide nourishment for the landscape and livestock. In either case it needs to get from the source to the last stage, most often through pipes.

This was the need that was addressed at the last city council meeting in January; the effective and efficient use of water pipes. Over a decade ago the city water system had a significant loss of water. This unaccounted for loss from the water system was the difference in production and the total accumulation of metered usage. 

The city then hired SAMCO Leak Detection out of Austin to conduct an audit of the water system. As a result a significant leak was found along Main Street near the Cibolo Creek. By using specialized listening equipment a leak below the water line of the creek the leak that was not visible was identified.

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