“Harris County WCID #133 has utilized the professional services of SAMCO for many years in our efforts to provide quality water services to our 1500 residences and commercial users. We have received outstanding leak detection service and are happy to renew our contract annually. The SAMCO team is efficient, professional and dependable. The reports that SAMCO has provided have reduced our costs and water losses, but have also provided useful data for our Operations and Engineering Consultants.

The SAMCO team is quick to diagnose a problem, and highly accurate with the findings.  I trust them to provide us with accurate and actionable information.  I highly recommend SAMCO Leak Detection Services for their expertise, whether for preventive, corrective, or emergency services.”

Rick Mann
General Manager
Harris County, W.C.I.D. #133

SAMCO has been working with the City of Kilgore on a four year leak detection project, about to complete the fourth year.  The City was divided into quadrants with a fourth of the City being covered each year.  Several leaks have been found that otherwise had gone undetected, including one that had been running for an estimated 3 months or more.  It was located in a heavily wooded area, and ran into a small creek nearby.  Through the SAMCO crew’s diligence, we were able to stop this water loss.

In addition to locating hidden leaks, they are getting GPS locations on all the valves encountered during the project, providing us with valuable information for our GIS mapping system.

The City appreciates SAMCO’s efforts toward finding sources of water loss in our distribution system.”

David Hackley
Water Utilities Superintendent
The City of Kilgore

As a manager of various water systems in the Central Texas area, I have been very pleased with the services provided by SAMCO Leak Detection Services. Their staff is extremely capable and professional and through their efforts have located many subsurface leaks in our water systems, thus enhancing our water accountability and reducing costs associated with water loss in the distribution system.

SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc. has often quite satisfactorily assisted our Maintenance & Repair crews in the pinpointing of “difficult” leaks prior to excavation, thus reducing costs associated with unnecessary asphalt, roadway, and landscaping.

David Ripley
Area Coordinator
AquaAmerica Austin

The SAMCO Leak Detection Services program has proven to be a very positive addition to our own ongoing program to providing MUD Districts with improved accountability for water production. Water conservation will become even more important in the future with water becoming an increasingly scarce resource. The supplemental SAMCO program helps meet conservation goals that many of our Districts have set. Further, we have also found that the cost of the program if often paid out in a reasonable period of time through savings in water production costs and regulatory fees based on production. Some of our Districts have, as a result, signed extended annual contracts to help keep water conservation a major goal. We believe that SAMCO provides a valuable service to MUD Districts. The combination of our own internal programs with the SAMCO program makes a very effective 1 2 punch!”

Gus Gustafson

“We have found leak detection services to be invaluable in managing our water system.  SAMCO’s annual program has been particularly helpful in finding hidden leaks, which has significantly reduced the city’s water losses. Even with an 80-year old water system, I am always amazed at the number of leaks found that were entirely hidden from the surface.”

Casey B. Sledge, P.E., AICP
Director of Public Works
City Engineer City of Taylor

“The first year we decided to use SAMCO, it made common sense to identify areas we couldn’t see underground where we knew we were losing water.  Most of the board members on our board had seen SAMCO’s presentation and decided this was one of the wisest maintenance precautions we could make.  After we had learned what SAMCO found, it made even more sense to have them back on an annual basis, and negotiate a longer term preventative program.  We saved water and we saved money at the same time. We all have a responsibility to save water wherever we can, and by finding leaks, large or small, visible or invisible, it is the obligation of us all to do what we can do find them and repair them.  In our MUD, it made the difference in our accountability being of an acceptable standard.”

Michael Murr
Murr Incorporated

Dear Sam,

I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased we are with the service you provided. It was a pleasure working with a company that showed such professionalism and interest in solving the problem. My thanks to Carl Wessels with the City of Waxahachie for referring your company to us.

The 8″ fire sprinkler loop around our building had been leaking for several years. We called numerous service companies but none of them could locate our leak. We always got the “blue smoke and mirror” treatment with a projected enormous repair cost.

Our fire sprinkler leak was costing on average $515.00 per month. After you located the source of the our leak and the line repair was completed, our water bill reverted to the base meter charge of $10.55 per month. The last meter reading showed no water loss at all. Our water bill savings will cover the cost of your detection service and our 8″ line repair in less than 12 months.

Thanks again for a super job. If I hear of anyone needing leak detection service, I will certainly refer them to you.

Best Regards,
Ike Knight
General Manager
Lifoam Industries, LLC


Stonewall Water Control and Improvement District (Gillespie County) water system experienced a tremendous water loss situation in December 2007. Daily pumping nearly doubled overnight. A leak on a two inch water main was promptly found and repaired, and this was thought to have corrected the unaccounted for water loss. However, the daily pumping did not return to normal, so efforts continued to locate a leak. Observation continued to be performed to the entire distribution system on a daily basis, but no visible sign of a leak was apparent. Pressure testing was performed to two locations where water mains are located under a water way. Check valves were replaced at each of the System’s two wells and master meters were checked for accuracy. Still, no apparent or visible sign of water loss was detected.

SAMCO Leak Detection Services was called for assistance. Mr. Godfrey’s crew promptly responded and scheduled a field survey within three days. Within hours of initiating the field survey, sounding equipment detected a potential leak located at a low point of the distribution system and close to the Pedernales River. Upon excavating the area, a glue joint was found to have separated on a two inch main line, located within a six inch sleeve. Water from the line break never surfaced and continued traveling underground to a very green field of happy pecan trees. Needless to say, this resolved the water loss issue. SAMCO’s field survey also detected several smaller leaks and a few dead meters. A final Report was rendered by Samco Leak Detection Services to outline the findings of the comprehensive field survey. This document served as a punch list of items to address by the maintenance crews.

However competent your field operations team may be, this scenario serves to demonstrate there will be situations where professional leak detection services are not only beneficial, but are necessary. From management’s standpoint, cost is very reasonable and is offset with savings from treatment and pumping costs and the ongoing loss of our precious water resources.”

Thank you Sam!
Patrick C. King

Professional General Management Services, Inc.

“Dear Mr. Godfrey,

The report that was provided to the City of Selma following the real water loss audit performed by your technicians has proven to be effective in reducing the amount of unaccounted water that we’ve seen in previous years.

Moreover, we truly appreciate your personal responsiveness in providing the follow-up service this morning after my call yesterday afternoon. It was most helpful in answering questions that arose in looking for an answer to the street failure problem.

We look forward to working with you in our efforts to maintain the integrity of our water system.


Larry Verner, P.E.
City Engineer
Selma, Texas