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Our expertise using state-of-the-art acoustic equipment combined with years of practical field experience make SAMCO your go-to experts in leak detection services.

Comprehensive Water System Evaluations


Drone Technologies

SAMCO has introduced advanced drone technology into our professional methods of water conservation. SAMCO’s new approach to identifying leaks is utilizing the latest drone technologies that bring a different view of how SAMCO can help save water distribution systems water. SAMCO will take to the skies to assist with your nagging water loss problems. SAMCO’s drone equipment can provide immediate thermal, infrared surveying capabilities that collect data from the air. This gives an effective perspective in understanding where leaks originate from, spanning from various and remote locations throughout the distribution system. Implementing a high-resolution aerial view combined with SAMCO’s effective boots-on-the-ground approach enables SAMCO to narrow down the areas of concern with more efficiency than ever.

GPS/GIS mapping

Global Positioning System (GPS) Services

SAMCO technicians use highly accurate Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and state-of-the-art acoustic equipment to find subsurface leaks. We are able to detect and locate the smallest of leaks and other points of water loss in pressurized water systems anywhere in the world. Once the acoustic leak detection and location work is completed in the field, the data are imported into the Geographic Information System (GIS) for display and analysis. Subsequently GIS data may be incorporated into maps and into new or existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications. These GIS data support capital improvement programming, GASB response, maintenance and leak repair implementation, emergency planning and response, and customer service relations.

Water Conservation Consulting

SAMCO’s professional, “hands on” field experience gives us the expertise that utilities can count on for consulting services, which include


  • Leak detection preventive maintenance  programs.
  • Comprehensive bottom-to-top water system evaluations .
  • Analysis of water metering applications and accuracy testing.
  • Leak detection programming
  • Leak detection equipment sales and consulting
  • GPS data collection at sub-thirty centimeter accuracy.
  • GPS leak survey mapping design.

Environmental compliance

Leak detection

Acoustic Leak Detection

Equipped with sensitive listening devices to detect the various types of leak sounds , experienced SAMCO technicians can identify and pinpoint leaks so you can make the necessary repairs without digging “dry holes’.

SAMCO works diligently to halt and prevent water losses, so towns, cities, rural communities, utility districts, military bases and even remote islands can begin a more successful program to conserve their available water resources.


By engaging SAMCO, you can be assured that you’ll receive the specific, actionable data you need to improve the efficiency and integrity of your system.

With the information generated by our leak survey of your system, you can:

Extend the useful life of the infrastructure.

Be better prepared to meet water demand during drought conditions.

Improve year-round reliability and efficiency of your system.

Reduce costs associated with water production, treatment, and distribution.

Improve customer service and public relations.

Help safeguard public health.

Reduce liability risks.

Be informed of latent, hidden issues which otherwise may remain unknown.

30+ years of experience in the water industry

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