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Water Accountability, How Much Can You Afford to Lose?

There are few topics more important than water conservation. It’s a topic that will certainly remain a paramount concern for years to come. Without proper detection and assessment, these problems can cause utilities unforeseen issues that drain them of revenues. This happens frequently due to the hidden water loss that require proactive maintenance necessary to target and analyze water loss.
Water Leak large SCALEIn order to minimize the need to develop significantly more costly alternative or supplementary sources of water for the community you serve, it makes reasonable sense to pinpoint where water is escaping from your distribution system through undiscovered leaks.
In addition, the physical loss of water leaking from your system directly increases the costs of:
·      Water Production
·      Consumables
·      Electricity
·      Treatment Chemicals
·      Membranes
·      Filter Media
·      Sludge Removal
·      Withdrawal Fees to Subsidence and Groundwater Conservation Districts
·      Penalties for Exceeding Volume of Water Under Purchase Contracts
·      Repair to Properties Damaged as a Result of Underground Leaks
·      Distribution
·      Electricity
·      Need for Future User Rate Increases to Cover Costs
In order to pinpoint locations where a water system is losing its precious water and financial resources through undiscovered leaks, contact SAMCO Leak Detention Services. They have the proven state-of-the art technology, and most importantly, the disciplined expertise to find leaks with results on which you can rely.
Think about it this way, take care of today’s water for tomorrow’s future
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FEMA Assistance For Water Issues

FEMA Assistance Available

for Water Issues Caused by Winter Storm Uri

Water system maintenance should be a concern 24/7/365, but there are a few periods throughout the year when providers can, somewhat, coast on auto-pilot. Ordinarily, that time is now. But these are not ordinary times. Due to the epic freezing from the previous historic winter storm, FEMA Assistance is now available.

Help is on the Way!

Need immediate assistance with water loss and leak detection? Fill out our online form to find out how SAMCO can help you with water loss, system assessments, and more! SAMCO wants to help you apply for relief. Or, to finance your next project, we can point you toward the funding you need. We can also guide you through the grant process.

The deadline to submit a Request for Public Assistance to FEMA is March 21, 2021. If you need help navigating the process, we can connect you with resources to ensure your community doesn’t miss out on this valuable assistance.

Texans are now dealing with catastrophic water system damage caused by several days of nearly sub-freezing weather conditions. The winter storm knocked out water for millions of customers and when the ice melted and service was restored, providers were left with infrastructure damages far beyond the scope of what’s normal. The Dallas Morning News says the winter blast was possibly the costliest extreme weather event in the state’s history and “could bring more insurance claims than the $19 billion from Hurricane Harvey.”

On February 19th, a Major Disaster Declaration from the federal government was granted, making FEMA Public Assistance Category B disaster relief available to all 254 Texas counties.

FEMA Assistance Map of Involved counties
Source: https://gis.fema.gov/maps/dec_4586.pdf

The federal declaration makes detection of major system leaks and emergency damage repairs eligible for reimbursement. While the federal cost share is 75%, communities may use donated items and force account labor to offset their 25% local cost share responsibility. The declaration will also make future funding available through multiple federal programs, including Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery.

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Dallas Morning News: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/2021/02/18/this-years-winter-storm-could-become-the-costliest-weather-event-in-texas-history/
White House press release: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/2021/02/20/biden-signs-major-disaster-declaration-for-77-texas-counties-but-abbott-asked-for-all-254/

Close The Leak Gap With The End User!

Now is the time . . .

Austin Leak DetectionFor water distribution system managers to close the continuing gap between the total volume of water produced and the total volume of water delivered to end users. This gap, no matter what you chose to call it, contributes to increased water production costs and continues to be a continuous drain on water and financial resources. Even after completing replacement of customers meters, water managers frequently will question why their water losses remain inexplicably high.

The reason is that significant amounts of finished water continues to escape from the system before ever reaching end users. These losses are the result of various undisclosed situations, to include but not limited to leaking mains, and existing unmetered or unauthorized usage.

In order to maximize the results of your efforts to reduce systemic water losses, coordination of actions are required for everyone supporting you.

Over the past 35 years I’ve been amazed how many times I have seen hit- or-miss efforts applied with little planning. You have to look at the complete picture and cannot leave out the essential pieces to the puzzle.

I recently completed a project for a system that appeared to be on the right path, by modernizing its treatment facilities, replacing customer meters and distribution lines and acoustically surveying the remaining infrastructure for undiscovered leaks.

Be reminded that replacing customer meters with current technology addresses only one part of the water loss picture. There are several options we might suggest to help you monitor and identify system issues. How closely are you systematically reviewing your periodic water loss reports?

Samco Leak Detection Service

SAMCO Assists Leon Valley In Water Conservation Efforts

City of Leon Valley Conducts Leak Detection Survey of Water System

SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc, has been assisting the City of Leon Valley in their water conservation efforts and has been performing a system wide leak detection survey for the city. The acoustic leak detection survey includes thirty-seven linear miles of water distribution piping, approximately 2,250 water service connections, fire hydrants, and distribution valves will be conducted to identify system leaks and any water loss. A final report outlining the type of leaks and location will be provided to the Public Works Department for repairs.

Leak detection and repair is an essential component in a sound water management program as they are effective methods of accounting for all water usage within a service area.

Samco Leak Detection Service

Crews from SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc., with assistance from the Public Works Department, will be surveying the water system over the next two weeks. SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc, has a “boots on the ground” advantage. We can go in when your manpower is limited in assisting with water conservation and leak detection.

Staff pictured from SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc. are (Above Left to Right): Tayelar Sheridan, Hunter Skelton, Tim Tevdovich.

SAMCO’s Leak Detection Survey

During leak detection surveys that are performed by SAMCO, trained, licensed water conservation technicians are able to identify water loss issues throughout water distribution systems. Just like in the video, SAMCO was able to identify this leak coming from a 6” asbestos concrete pipe. As the excavation began, roots were exposed in the area of the pipeline, indicating that the leak was existing for some time. Also, not far from the leak location, there was a previous repair clamp just a few feet away! Leaks that are found, like this one, allow water utilities to plan and budget for line replacement projects to get a better understanding of their water distribution infrastructure that is forever aging.

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