Severe Drought Conditions In Texas = Massive Conservation Efforts

Living in Texas, droughts are a common place throughout the state. Currently, Texas has been experiencing one of the worst droughts since 2011, and it appears there will not be much reprieve in sight. Resulting from the relentless heat wave and record breaking temperatures, agriculture professionals are feeling the heat, so to speak. Between hay supplies tightening, livestock sell off’s, burn bans and more importantly strict water conservation employments, this Texas drought is starting to take its toll.

Water conservation couldn’t be more important than it is now. However, there are few topics more important than water conservation. For instance, the water you have available today will be the cheapest water you will ever own. Water conservation has a hefty price tag that can be determined with a water audit. Why a water audit? The importance of balancing your books with water in and water sold will reveal how much this is costing you. Additionally, the drought is causing massive utilities difficulties that can be better managed with a well-planned conservation strategy and a financial funding plan. It’s a topic that will certainly remain a paramount concern for years to come. Even with an environmentally conscious population, there are still many factors which affect a utility that should be targeted and maintained consistently.

These problems can start as minor or large leaks in your water systems due to aging infrastructure or lack of subsurface maintenance or planning.  Without proper detection, planning and assessment, these problems can cause unforeseen utilities issues that drain the revenues of this very precious resource. Unfortunately, this happens more frequently due to the hidden water loss that requires professional experience necessary to target and analyze underground water systems.

Employing a professional Leak Detection company such as SAMCO, to assist in identifying these areas of concern who will provide a proactive report and findings of what is in need of repair and improvement. As a benefit of these reports they can in turn be inserted into funding applications and grants.

Pedernales River

We’re losing water at an alarming rate caused by an ageing infrastructure and record breaking drought conditions. It’s an incredible risk to our society and should be taken very seriously. To do that, it will require conservation actions at a scale you aren’t yet achieving which require finances. With over 30 years of experience, SAMCO Leak Detection is a top choice for companies and municipalities seeking a competent company who will be diligent in selecting the most cost-effective methods of water conservation and Leak Detection.

Furthermore, to help ease the pain of what can be a costly finding, there are various funding opportunities available we use for our projects and can help match those with our client’s projects and needs. In today’s world, we know utilities can’t afford to lose money or a precious resource especially in these severe drought conditions.

SAMCO can help guide you through the process to apply for various funding opportunities. We can also work with you to finance your next project by identifying what type of funding you need and where you can get it in the most effective and efficient means possible.

Identifying and prioritizing projects for funding is crucial. For this you need an experienced engineering firm that will patiently and carefully guide you through the process. If you’re in need of such an engineering firm, we recommend our trusted partner Southwest Engineers ( who are experts in analyzing our leak detection reports and designing water, wastewater, and reuse systems.

Drought and Water Preservation for 2022

Here at SAMCO, we are firm believers in annual leak maintenance surveys as a full system condition assessment to our clients. Why wouldn’t you have a leak detection maintenance program built into your general operation and maintenance practices? We have more than three decades of providing solutions in this business and know that it’s more cost effective to be proactive than reactive. If water loss is not addressed, it will drain your system of “liquid money” by the minute, month and eventually the entire year. Capture those lost revenues and use them to improve your ageing infrastructure. If you can’t afford to pursue leaks and reduce loss issues today, then you won’t have revenue on-hand in your budget later. So instead of taking it as it comes and hoping for the best, we suggest signing up for an annual leak survey to have a strategic plan to better manage your water system. That way, our water-leak specialists can effectively identify and help solve problems today so that they don’t continue to drain you of a valuable resource.

There is no better time to get into a pre-emptive preservation mode than during this very difficult economic period to better manage your water loss and reduce lost revenues. Water, like money has a value so when you’re losing water, you’re losing money and you need to cut your losses. It’s also good practice to tighten up your systems such as fixing aging infrastructures, implementing regular maintenance and checks and most importantly, prepare for upcoming summer water demands.

Keep in mind, Texas has experienced a great deal of water shortages and droughts over the years. 2022 will be no exception as most of Texas is facing historical drought forecasts. We’ve also seen historical storms fill up lakes and water sources in less than 24 hours as well. Regardless, it is important to be prudent and aware, there is also a strong possibility we will not get those high hitting, water-shedding storms and be left with issues larger than one can imagine.

It is also worth mentioning the price of gas and diesel fuel have also been skyrocketing due to the economic impacts from inflation adjustments and otherwise. By taking heed and investing in regular water maintenance, the cost for SAMCO be reduced significantly.

Need Help Funding Your Repair, leak detection, or water conservation project?

SAMCO can help guide you through the process to applying for funding. We can also work with you to finance your next project by identifying what type of funding you need and where you can get it.

For more information about the professional services SAMCO offers, visit our website at and fill out our online form to find out how we can help you! We will be at Texas Water in San Antonio booth 736 if you want to stop by to discuss your needs.

City of Splendora Case Study 50% Water Loss Reduction

City of Splendora Case Study

50% Water Loss Reduction, a 1,400% Return on Investment

In the fall of 2021, the City of Splendora, Texas Utility Department was struggling with their average unaccounted for water loss of 30% an amount that put a significant strain on their revenues. Unsuccessful attempts to drive down their losses by following their usual course of actions led the City to look for specialized help to address the problem. Enter SAMCO Leak Detection Services, that has proven state of the art technology and most importantly disciplined expertise to find leaks with results on which you can rely. SAMCO Leak Detection Services performed a 2 month turn key leak detection survey to assist the City in reducing their costs.
  • The City pays production fees of $2.88/1k gallons to the SJRA
  • The City produced on average 700k gal/day, losing up to 210k gal/day
  • Losses were often $600 daily, $220k annually
  • SAMCO identified 51 water leaks throughout approximately 95 linear miles
  • Massive 40k gal/m mainline leak discovered and repaired saving 57k gal/day, $165 daily
  • SAMCO’s leak detection survey assisted the City of Splendora in saving 145k gal/day or roughly $464 daily, $170k annually.
Taking into account SAMCO’s leak detection service charges and not including manpower hours for the repairs, The City of Splendora saw a return on investment of over 1,400%.
Next Steps for the City of Splendora
“The city will use savings to keep its rates as low as possible while also expanding its water system to serve the increasing population. Rather than writing checks to River and Groundwater Authorities investing in our system will help to guarantee a plentiful and affordable water supply to our citizens.”
-Bill Daugette, Utility Consultant for City of Splendora
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Water Leak large SCALE

Water Accountability, How Much Can You Afford to Lose?

There are few topics more important than water conservation. It’s a topic that will certainly remain a paramount concern for years to come. Without proper detection and assessment, these problems can cause utilities unforeseen issues that drain them of revenues. This happens frequently due to the hidden water loss that require proactive maintenance necessary to target and analyze water loss.
Water Leak large SCALEIn order to minimize the need to develop significantly more costly alternative or supplementary sources of water for the community you serve, it makes reasonable sense to pinpoint where water is escaping from your distribution system through undiscovered leaks.
In addition, the physical loss of water leaking from your system directly increases the costs of:
·      Water Production
·      Consumables
·      Electricity
·      Treatment Chemicals
·      Membranes
·      Filter Media
·      Sludge Removal
·      Withdrawal Fees to Subsidence and Groundwater Conservation Districts
·      Penalties for Exceeding Volume of Water Under Purchase Contracts
·      Repair to Properties Damaged as a Result of Underground Leaks
·      Distribution
·      Electricity
·      Need for Future User Rate Increases to Cover Costs
In order to pinpoint locations where a water system is losing its precious water and financial resources through undiscovered leaks, contact SAMCO Leak Detention Services. They have the proven state-of-the art technology, and most importantly, the disciplined expertise to find leaks with results on which you can rely.
Think about it this way, take care of today’s water for tomorrow’s future
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FEMA Assistance For Water Issues

FEMA Assistance Available

for Water Issues Caused by Winter Storm Uri

Water system maintenance should be a concern 24/7/365, but there are a few periods throughout the year when providers can, somewhat, coast on auto-pilot. Ordinarily, that time is now. But these are not ordinary times. Due to the epic freezing from the previous historic winter storm, FEMA Assistance is now available.

Help is on the Way!

Need immediate assistance with water loss and leak detection? Fill out our online form to find out how SAMCO can help you with water loss, system assessments, and more! SAMCO wants to help you apply for relief. Or, to finance your next project, we can point you toward the funding you need. We can also guide you through the grant process.

The deadline to submit a Request for Public Assistance to FEMA is March 21, 2021. If you need help navigating the process, we can connect you with resources to ensure your community doesn’t miss out on this valuable assistance.

Texans are now dealing with catastrophic water system damage caused by several days of nearly sub-freezing weather conditions. The winter storm knocked out water for millions of customers and when the ice melted and service was restored, providers were left with infrastructure damages far beyond the scope of what’s normal. The Dallas Morning News says the winter blast was possibly the costliest extreme weather event in the state’s history and “could bring more insurance claims than the $19 billion from Hurricane Harvey.”

On February 19th, a Major Disaster Declaration from the federal government was granted, making FEMA Public Assistance Category B disaster relief available to all 254 Texas counties.

FEMA Assistance Map of Involved counties

The federal declaration makes detection of major system leaks and emergency damage repairs eligible for reimbursement. While the federal cost share is 75%, communities may use donated items and force account labor to offset their 25% local cost share responsibility. The declaration will also make future funding available through multiple federal programs, including Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) and Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery.

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