City of Splendora Case Study 50% Water Loss Reduction

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Blog, News

City of Splendora Case Study

50% Water Loss Reduction, a 1,400% Return on Investment

In the fall of 2021, the City of Splendora, Texas Utility Department was struggling with their average unaccounted for water loss of 30% an amount that put a significant strain on their revenues. Unsuccessful attempts to drive down their losses by following their usual course of actions led the City to look for specialized help to address the problem. Enter SAMCO Leak Detection Services, that has proven state of the art technology and most importantly disciplined expertise to find leaks with results on which you can rely. SAMCO Leak Detection Services performed a 2 month turn key leak detection survey to assist the City in reducing their costs.
  • The City pays production fees of $2.88/1k gallons to the SJRA
  • The City produced on average 700k gal/day, losing up to 210k gal/day
  • Losses were often $600 daily, $220k annually
  • SAMCO identified 51 water leaks throughout approximately 95 linear miles
  • Massive 40k gal/m mainline leak discovered and repaired saving 57k gal/day, $165 daily
  • SAMCO’s leak detection survey assisted the City of Splendora in saving 145k gal/day or roughly $464 daily, $170k annually.
Taking into account SAMCO’s leak detection service charges and not including manpower hours for the repairs, The City of Splendora saw a return on investment of over 1,400%.
Next Steps for the City of Splendora
“The city will use savings to keep its rates as low as possible while also expanding its water system to serve the increasing population.¬†Rather than writing checks to River and Groundwater Authorities investing in our system will help to guarantee a plentiful and affordable water supply to our citizens.”
-Bill Daugette, Utility Consultant for City of Splendora
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