Pursuing Water and Revenue Losses: A First and Critical Step

The continuing drought crisis here in Texas directly and indirectly affects many of our agricultural, commercial, and industrial enterprises as well as residential water users across the state. This prolonged drought continues to receive much attention in the media, and rightly so.

Water Conservation: Are you prepared for the new regulations?

Conserving water needs to be a part of everyone’s daily life. With the continuing drought conditions in Texas, water is becoming much more valuable and should be used wisely. Unaccounted-for-water each month can be compared to throwing away liquid money.

Electronic Leak Detection: The high-tech conservation tool
Does a consistent monthly water loss seem to haunt you?

If a water audit indicates a steady loss and it appears you have checked your entire system, it may be time to perform sonic leak detection.

Leak Detection: Accounting for lost water

Water is a very valuable resource and should be considered liquid money. If you are unable to account for water loss in your distribution system, your losing potential earnings.

How Much Water Can You Afford to Lose?

Have weather extremes caused problems for you water system? Record setting temperatures and drought conditions are causing water lines to burst throughout Texas. Seasonal weather changes bring about various earth conditions that cause the ground to shift.

Drought Management: Are you prepared for a water crisis?

Did your water system survive last summer’s peak water demands and the effects of the hot weather? If you struggled with water problems last year, it’s time to address those situations before it’s too late.

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