Do you want to expand knowledge in applied leak detection technology for people in your organization?

Sam Godfrey is here to help! He is available to speak about applied leak detection technology at venues ranging from conferences and conventions to corporate brown-bag seminars. His audiences include engineers, city council members and managers.  He emphasizes the practical ways in which leak detection programs can conserve water and reduce water production and distribution costs. CEUs are frequently available for those interested.

Speaking Experience

Following is a partial list of organizations for whom Sam has given presentations:

He has also provided sessions for a number of corporate engineering firms, and public entities such as Brazosport Water Authority, Edwards Aquifer Authority, Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, Post Oak Savannah Groundwater District, South Texas Water Authority and a host of municipal officials.

If you are interested in having Sam speak to your organization, please contact us today.

30+ years of experience in the water industry


By engaging SAMCO, you can be assured that you’ll receive the specific, actionable data you need to improve the efficiency and integrity of your system.

With the information generated by our leak survey of your system, you can:

Extend the useful life of the infrastructure.

Be better prepared to meet water demand during drought conditions.

Improve year-round reliability and efficiency of your system.

Reduce costs associated with water production, treatment, and distribution.

Improve customer service and public relations.

Help safeguard public health.

Reduce liability risks.

Be informed of latent, hidden issues which otherwise may remain unknown.

Let’s work together.