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by | Jun 27, 2011 | News

Busy at Work: SAMCO’s Recent Projects

Within the past few months, SAMCO has tackled various annual maintenance projects within LaGrange, Kilgore, San Marcos, Harris County Municipal Utility District #18 and the Acton Municipal Utility District.

Throughout April, SAMCO focused on Aqua Texas, a project involving pre-summer maintenance surveys for four water systems which included San Gabriel Estates, Sandy Creek, Cherry Hollow, and Travis County WC&ID #18.

SAMCO worked to ensure that these regions will be able to effectively deliver water while making sure none is wasted. By employing expert methods for leak detection, SAMCO aided in the prevention of any potential economic downturn, saving city’s both water and money.

The heat wave will no doubt be placing a heavy burden on many city’s water systems, so their work is helping maintain the quality of life for entire populations!

For more information on leak detection services, be sure to visit with Sam Godfrey of SAMCO at one of the following events:

Speaking Engagement

July 11
Texas Water Utilities Association
Green Forest Chapter in Huntsville

TCEQ Public Drinking Water Conference

August 9-10, 2011
Information and Tools for Water Systems and Utilities
DoubleTree Hotel, Austin, Texas

Summer Projects & Beyond

Over the next few months, SAMCO will be engaging in several projects concerning the higher cost of water, while adjusting ground water to surface water in a conversion project. The projects will begin with Kingsbridge MUD in July and continue through to Harris County MUD #120, WC&ID #133, finishing at Utility District 15 in August.

Additionally, SAMCO will be engaging in new phases of ongoing projects. The City of El Campo will be entering the second phase of its three year contract, which details the surveying 30 linear miles of pipe. Similar work will be done for Cedar Hill, Jonah Special Utility District, and a fifty mile pipeline project in the Brazosport Water Authority. Mustang Special Utility District will be entering into the last phase of its contract, which includes GPS of all meters, valves and fire hydrants. The work will end up being over 270 linear miles.

If you’re concerned about your water system, don’t hesitate to contact SAMCO.

To find a SAMCO leak detection application just click here,

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