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Close The Leak Gap With The End User!

Now is the time . . . For water distribution system managers to close the continuing gap between the total volume of water produced and the total volume of water delivered to end users. This gap, no matter… Read More

Samco Leak Detection Service

SAMCO Assists Leon Valley In Water Conservation Efforts

City of Leon Valley Conducts Leak Detection Survey of Water System SAMCO Leak Detection Services, Inc, has been assisting the City of Leon Valley in their water conservation efforts and has been performing a system wide leak detection… Read More

SAMCO’s Leak Detection Survey

During leak detection surveys that are performed by SAMCO, trained, licensed water conservation technicians are able to identify water loss issues throughout water distribution systems. Just like in the video, SAMCO was able to identify this leak coming… Read More

SAMCO’s Latest Save!

SAMCO Leak Detection Service was able to pinpoint the attached leak on an old 6” AC water pipeline, earlier this year. By this leak being identified, the water utility company was able to reduce production by 1/3, which… Read More

Leak Detection Reduces Water Loss

Leaking water pipes can be an expensive waste of water. The City of San Marcos addresses this issue every year by conducting a leak detection survey. Since San Marcos started the annual leak-detection program in the late 1990s,… Read More